Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Our First Apartment!!

These last few weeks have been so crazy busy! We finally found a place here in cedar! David's friend Matt bought a house that has a two room one bath basement. There is a separate entrance to the basement so its like our own little home down there! Its a two bedroom with a big family room and kitchen and one bathroom. We were going to live in another apartment but when we saw this place it just felt more like a home to us. Now by the pictures below you might not agree but he's fixing it all up for us! New carpet, new paint, new bathroom tiles, new kitchen cabneits, counters, a new fridge and stove! Its all bran new.. So i know the pictures are rough but I am very excited :)

This is the family room!

Another picture of the family room...
David in one of the rooms..
The bathroom..
The kitchen!
The stairs.. you have to walk down these to get to our place. The people left a little welcome sign at the top haha
 What it looks like from outside!
So after looking at these pictures.. you probably think we're crazy but I am so excited! Its going to look great when its done and it will be ours :) Our first apartment! 

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  1. One day, you two will live in a big home and look back to the days when you lived here...and they will always be some of your best memories.