Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bridal Showers!

We got to go home for Thanksgiving for a whole week last week. It was so good to be home and to see everyone. We are so grateful for our families and we love them so much. Its such a blessing to have their love and support of our upcoming marriage :) While we were home my ward and my family threw me bridal showers! It was so good to see all the ward and my extended family. Everyone was so generous with their gifts. We are so lucky! As David would say, "We got hooked up!" haha so here are a few pictures.

The family shower.. Jaime, Catie, and Nancy made me the cutest box with all these cute wedding stickers and sayings. It's so cute.

Me and Heather..
Yay! We got a blender :)
My Aunt Louise and cousin Heather put this shower together and the decorations were so cute and totally my colors! And the little cakes were so yummy..
The ward shower.. Me, Cass, and my oven mits :)
Me and Heather.. pretty much sisters and always best friends..
My mom, me and Nancy (Davids mom)
Cass, Jessie, me, Meg, and Mary! All together :) love these girls..
A lady in my ward made me the most beautiful blanket. It is so warm and soft. It was such a nice gift. We love it.
The showers were so fun and we are so thankful for everyone's generosity. It means so much to us. We're counting down the days.. were at 17!!! So crazy its coming so fast!

Our First Apartment!!

These last few weeks have been so crazy busy! We finally found a place here in cedar! David's friend Matt bought a house that has a two room one bath basement. There is a separate entrance to the basement so its like our own little home down there! Its a two bedroom with a big family room and kitchen and one bathroom. We were going to live in another apartment but when we saw this place it just felt more like a home to us. Now by the pictures below you might not agree but he's fixing it all up for us! New carpet, new paint, new bathroom tiles, new kitchen cabneits, counters, a new fridge and stove! Its all bran new.. So i know the pictures are rough but I am very excited :)

This is the family room!

Another picture of the family room...
David in one of the rooms..
The bathroom..
The kitchen!
The stairs.. you have to walk down these to get to our place. The people left a little welcome sign at the top haha
 What it looks like from outside!
So after looking at these pictures.. you probably think we're crazy but I am so excited! Its going to look great when its done and it will be ours :) Our first apartment! 

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Jersey Engagements!

So we decided for the wedding that we wanted some pictures around of us in our SUU jerseys. David played baseball and was a stud of a pitcher :) and I am still playing soccer. So we got our jerseys and our friend Megan took some awesome shots of us up the canyon. So here are some of them!

A little kiss..

My favorite..

I'm finding more and more everyday how much I lean on David and how much I need him. I know as we start our marriage adventure we will continue to lean on each other for comfort and support. Six more weeks to go!! wooo hoo :)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Kannarville Falls!

This past week was our first week of school back at SUU! David finally came back to Cedar last Saturday after we were apart for almost three weeks.. I missed him so much!! We started school on Monday and after classes we went on a hike to Kannaraville Falls with some friends from school. It was such a fun adventure. We hiked through all these beautiful waterfalls! It was pretty awesome!! So here are a few pictures from our hike!   We climbed up that ladder to go up that waterfall!
We hiked through that amount of water almost the whole time!
Climbed up that tree to take a picture.. It was over the water..

The caves were way cool..
Okay I know what your thinking.. It's mud on my shorts I promise!!
David's idea haha..

We had a ton of fun and we both think we are pretty lucky to go school where stuff like this is only 10 minutes away! Cedar is awesome and we are definitely going to take more advantage of it!