Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Catch Up..

So it has definitely been awhile since I last posted. But I figured since I don't have a job right now and I have done as much laundry, grocery shopping, and cleaning as I can handle right now I should update the blog. So here it goes. Since the last time....

David Graduated from SUU!! I am so extremely proud of him and all his hard work. Engineering degrees are not easy to get and this man is one smart cookie who I happen to love! (unfortuantely my camera was broken at the time and I still need to get these pics from my bro in law so hopefully that will be coming soon!)

After graduation we treated ourselves to a "re-do" honeymoon (because lets just face it our first one was kind of a nightmare) to MAUI!

It was the BEST "re-do" honeymoon! I would go back in a second.

 After Maui We came home and started real life. I worked all summer and David started his full time job as a planning/inspecting Engineer for Votaw Precision Technology. He loves his job, although it can be stressful and has long hours, he is an amazing example of hard work and dedication to me!

In September I started my student teaching in 6th grade GATE (gifted and talented education) class... I think most of those kids were smarter than me. After 30 days there, I started my Special Ed. placement and fell in love with those kids. I finally found what I want to do for the rest of my life. It is such a challenging yet rewarding profession. Those kids are amazing. Also in September, we went to Havasupai with our friends Josh and Brooke. It was absolutely beautiful! It is a 12-13 mile hike to the falls so round trip close to 26 miles plus the hiking around while you are there. 

We backpacked in at 4 am to miss the heat!

 Finally reaching the city 2 miles away from the falls!

The water was so pretty and light blue. It was definitely one of the prettiest places I have ever been!

After Havasupai our lives went back to the usual! I finished my student teaching in December and we had Christmas with our families! BriAnne, Eric, and Marley came down to be with us this year and let me tell you that baby is ADORABLE. I might be bias but how can you not love this face...
(she is obsessed with elmo)
 Nancy was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer in May and she fought hard and beat it! This was the last day of her treatment on December 30th! We love her so much and are so proud of her!

David and I went to AZ to spend New Years with BriAnne, Eric and Marley and visit some people from his mission! We went bowling on the base since eric can get us in cheap with his sweet military discount!

When we got home from AZ we found out some pretty exciting news.... we kept it a secret for a while but now the secret is out! We are...

Okay so the whole taking a picture of a stick that I just peed on thing is kinda gross but I couldn't think of anything better so get over it :) 

I am now 12 and a half weeks along and have a little bump :) David is still hoping for twins.... what is he NUTS?!! But we couldn't be more excited to welcome a little one into our lives! 

Well that was alot of catch up and I didn't even include our Thompson family vacation... which I'll get to soon enough! Hopefully I will be better at updating. We have had an amazing but busy year since I have posted last and we feel like the most blessed people on the planet. 


  1. LOVE that baby-bump!! Keep the updates coming! Miss you!!

  2. Congrats! I'm so so excited for you guys! And you look adorable! Miss you!