Thursday, August 27, 2009

Kannarville Falls!

This past week was our first week of school back at SUU! David finally came back to Cedar last Saturday after we were apart for almost three weeks.. I missed him so much!! We started school on Monday and after classes we went on a hike to Kannaraville Falls with some friends from school. It was such a fun adventure. We hiked through all these beautiful waterfalls! It was pretty awesome!! So here are a few pictures from our hike!   We climbed up that ladder to go up that waterfall!
We hiked through that amount of water almost the whole time!
Climbed up that tree to take a picture.. It was over the water..

The caves were way cool..
Okay I know what your thinking.. It's mud on my shorts I promise!!
David's idea haha..

We had a ton of fun and we both think we are pretty lucky to go school where stuff like this is only 10 minutes away! Cedar is awesome and we are definitely going to take more advantage of it!  


  1. Very adventurous! Looks so pretty!

    So when you are in CA, is there going to be a bachelorrette partay!!!!! =)