Friday, January 14, 2011

Anniversary Christmas and Birthday!

So this one beautiful
day in December
this happened...
We were
M. A. R. R. I. E. D.
And this guy..

We celebrated our one year anniversary on December 19th! David surprised me and bought tickets to see West Side Story! The show was amazing.. but unfortunately somebody forgot their camera... what can I say my forgetfulness is just one of my many other attractive qualities :) We went out to dinner, got dessert and the famous MILK in LA and then saw the show. It was such a fun night! 
A few days later we celebrated our 2nd Christmas together. Christmas eve we spent with the Thompsons house and started a new pajama tradition that was so fun!  

We spent a whole month in California for winter break and David was able to work and was offered a full time position at Votaw starting in May! We are very excited and feel so blessed that David has a job right out of college.
 We also celebrated my birthday on Wednesday the 12th! It was such a fun day. We went to dinner with friends and played catch phrase after! For my birthday my Mom and Dad got me this...
Thats right a sewing machine!!! I am so excited to learn how to sew. Even better my friend Nicole got me a 2 hour sewing lesson at JoAnn's for my birthday! So David will probably be getting some home made sweaters and other things haha poor guy. 
So we are now back in Cedar in the freezing cold and STARTING OUR LAST SEMESTER!! Can you tell we are a little excited?! I know that one day we are going to look back and these will be some of the best, simple, and fun days and we will miss them. So for now we are going to make the best of this cold weather and make some memories because come May it's goodbye Cedar City hello California!

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  1. Congrats on your anniversary. We sure love you guys. AND...yes, I expect all your kids' clothes to be home the perfect molly mormon mom would do.