Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Flour Fight

Well tonight I was just minding my own business and making "stress balls"(elementary ed major remember??) They were for my health fair project. I was doing it on stress management. You just put flour into a balloon.. simple right? NOT. It became such a disaster. So I asked David for his help (like that would make it less of a disaster?? haha)... and immediately he started spilling the flour. My first reaction in my mind was " babe. seriously. I just cleaned the kitchen. How hard is it to put flour in a balloon." Then I realized my mind sounded ridiculous.. which is a daily thing for me :) It's okay I've accepted this reality. So then naturally after I realized that in my mind I was an old fart I decided to just dab a little flour on Davids nose.. cheeks.. lips.. hair... shirt you get the picture. And thats when the flour fight began...

The mess was totally and completely worth it. I sure love this guy.


  1. I sure hope your landlord doesn't look at these pictures. :)
    OKAY...and HOW could you handle kissing with wet flour turning to paste in your mouth?
    You guys are sick...and totally made for each other. Glad to see you having fun and turning a somewhat bad situation into a great memory.

  2. Allie! how are you guys! Looks like your having fun!! hey thanks for the comment you left me! I had no idea you ran a marathon!!! Thats awesome... I'll have to start setting aside some time so I can do it too one day!